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TLUV Images



Tony Ludovico


Tony Ludovico began his career in 1979 scuba diving and working various part time jobs to subsidize his career. Self taught and self trained he quickly moved on to master the art of free diving and spear fishing. Tony's love for the ocean prompted him to dream of and help design a first-of-its-kind, custom, hands-free head camera with video equipment company Ocean Images in 1998. By creating this head cam Tony was able to capture his spear fishing adventures through the lens of his head-cam giving the viewer the sense of being there as they look down the barrel of his spear gun. The head cam is the size of a tube of lipstick and a fanny pack with a digital VCR.

 In 2001, Ludovico sold his first video, Spear Fishing The Palm Beaches Volume 1, which quickly became the #1 spear fishing video and was rated four stars by Sterling Kaya of Hawaiian Skin Diver Magazine.


In 2002, after sending his resume out to several sport fishing shows Tony finally gets his first break. Tony gets an offer to take a trip to Panama to shoot underwater video footage for "Reel Adventures" which airs on Fox Sports Net. Tony takes all of his knowledge and his determination underwater and blows the producer away with the footage he shoots. For the past three seasons Tony has been shooting for Reel Adventures. As time went on other shows got wind of his insane footage and he started shooting for other television shows and production companies.  Tony has also filmed and produced videos for various companies in the marine industry.

In October 2005, TLUV Images was formed. Tony decided to push the envelope a bit more and started shoot underwater still photography for them.  TLUV IMAGES specializes in the reproduction of unique underwater images printed on canvas giclees and stock photography.

In May 2006, Tony, a member of the IGFA was given the honor to display his stunning underwater video footage in the theater at the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) as well as his photographs. Museum visitors were formally introduced to view the select gallery pieces prior to going up for sale.


"Surface Tension"

"I see you"


In December 2006, Tony continued to shoot Underwater video footage for various TV shows which air on national and local stations. Tony donates some of his videos to various charity events throughout the year. Tony’s photographs have recently been featured on the covers of various marine industry magazines over the past year.

The ever evolving Tony who is always up for something new has recently decided to include wildlife videography and photography in his resume'. A huge advocate for conservation and preservation Tony wants to share all of his passions with the world.

Currently......Tony continues to shoot for the TV program “Hook the Future” as well as a few others. But these days, you will mainly find Tony in the water with CAMERA IN hand chasing fish!  


"Isla Hunter"



Tony Ludovico's Contact Information:

Email: tony@tonyludovico.com - Phone: (561)723-0616