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 December Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico 

Although fishing days are few due to weather conditions and Christmas Shopping you still may expect good fishing when Mother Nature and the wife allow.  Fish can be found at the Offshore Floating Oil Rigs Like Boom Vang, Nancen and Dianna Hoover, which are located from 120 to 160 Nautical Miles from Port Aransas (if your boat cannot reach that distance call Dolphin Docks in Port Aransas for long range trips that last up 80 hours).  When fishing the Spar Rigs for Yellowfin, Blackfin and Blue Marlin use Ballyhoo, I will also slow troll small live baits in the Ballyhoo spread.  The Last Blue Marlin of 2003 was caught at Colt 45 in December so when trolling in open water to and from the rigs use darker skirt colors and the Mold Craft Standard Wide Range in Brown, Pink and White.  Remember to always troll one lure or bait back on the sixth wave or further, this will get reaction strikes from fish that drifted back from the baits trolled near the boat.

Closer to shore fish like Wahoo, Amberjack, Grouper, Tuna and Shark (including the exciting Mako Shark) are hanging around over structures like Baker, Hospital, Aransas Banks and Big Southern.  The most effective way to troll for Wahoo and Tuna is similar to Blue Marlin trolling with the exception of adding a few smaller lures to the spread such as Billy Bait’s Mini Turbo Slammer and use lighter and brighter colors, Wahoo do however like the darker lures and plugs such as the Rapala’s.  I look for Wahoo and Tuna on or near warm water currents located on or near a good structure or Oil Rigs, as always Keep Ballyhoo handy if lures aren’t turning the fish on. 

December is still a good month for bottom fishing due to light fishing pressure offshore. The fish you should be targeting are Amberjack, Grouper, and Shark.  I look for these fish on rocks and rigs in at least 150’ of water, when you mark bait balls on your sounder and see a few larger marks around them you have found your spot and may want to throw a buoy incase you drift off it.  Amberjack like small live baits like Piggy Perch which the kids can catch at the docks or Hardtails caught on the rigs, Amberjacks may be suspended so refer to the larger marks on the sounder to find the associated depth of the fish and drop your line accordingly.  Grouper are bottom dwellers and like to eat anything from dead squid to live piggy perch, use heavy tackle and a 400# mono leader with at least a 10oz weight as these fish grab the bait and swim back into their hiding spot.  When fishing for Shark use dead or almost dead bloody bait with a steel or cable leader and fish three water columns, on top with a balloon, suspended with light or no weight and near the bottom.  A secret when Targeting Mako Shark is to use ribbonfish on a regular three hook Kingfish leader followed by 10’ of double line, this setup accounted for more than 15 of my Makos last year.   Remember to always set the clicker on the reel and use very light drag let the fish take the bait for at least 15 seconds and set the hook.

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