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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From July 2005 - December 2005

2005-12  The Chase!

2005-12 3 shots for Chance 3 birds!

2005-12  Fun Hunt!

Click here for video got'em

2005-12  Chance's Fishing Christmas Tree

2005-12  Merry  Big Blue Christmas!

2005-12  And a Happy Blue Year!

2005-12  Merry  Big Blue Christmas!

2005-12  Guides having a blast!


2005-12  Happy hunting!

Click here for video missed'em!

2005-12  New Jersey and Maine Hunters/Fisherman, Welcome to Texas!

Click here for video lots of Ducks!

2005-12  Night run from New Iberia, LA to Port O'Connor, TX!

2005-12 Another safe delivery from Louisiana to Texas!

2005-12  Nice Red for Eddie!  Duck pics to come

2005-12  Fun night for Amber!

2005-11  Fun Day!

2005-11  What a catch!

2005-11 Watch out Ducks!!

2005-11  A short little afternoon duck hunt 4 Redheads and a Widgeon, sorry have been forgetting the camera on hunts lately!

2005-11 Nice Redfish afternoon trip!

2005-11  Redfish!

2005-11 Nice fat 27" Redfish!

2005-11 Fishing Fun!

2005-10 Nice fat 27 7/8 Redfish!

2005-10 Redfish Reef!

2005-10 Redfish Gut!

2005-10 The first fish she ever held!

2005-10 Day of the Red!

2005-10 Cold day after the 1st front!

2005-10 Started nice, got rough, nice people!  Wahoo, Kings & Tuna!

2005-10 Triple Wahoo!

2005-10 Tuna time too!

2005-09 Very nice Trout!

2005-09 27" Trout, opted for release, but it didn't make it!  Thanks

2005-10 3 miles offshore just having fun on our day off!

2005-10 3 Captains having fun on our day off!

2005-09 What big teeth!

2005-09 23" Trout, opted for release!


2005-09 lots of fun!

2005-09 Buds!

2005-08 Friends!

2005-08 Family!

2005-09 Snappa!

2005-09 Fresh Tuna!

2005-08 TIFT Heaviest Sailfish!

2005-08 TIFT Heaviest Sailfish!

2005-08 TIFT Fun!

2005-08 Good Day!

(Aug) Nice Cow!

(Aug) Nice Catch!

(Aug) Fun Day!

2005-08 TIFT Heaviest Sailfish!

(Aug) Wahoo on Top Water!

(Aug) Mahi action!

(click pic for video)

(Aug) Phillip's Hoo!

(Aug) Mahi gaff action, how to do it!

(click pic for video)

(Jul) Classic Redfish and a Kiss Part I!

(click pic for video)

(Jul) Classic Redfish and a Kiss Part II!

(click pic for video)

(Aug) Don and his famous Tuna!

(Aug) Triple Tail fun!

(July) Redfish Fun!

(July) FishN and KissN!

(July) Big Red!

(July) Releasing nice trout, we love it!

(click pic for video)

(July) kings...left them biting...some on top water plugs!

(July) First Hoo!

(July) Pet the Pelican!

(July) Helping a Pelican with a hook problem!

(click pic for video)

(July) Wahoo for the lady!

(July) Slow day turned to hot bite!

(July) Decent King!

(July) Day of the Dolphin!  Click Picture for video!

(July) Greeting committee at the ROC!

(July) Steve and the catch during the ROC!

(July) One of many, many Mahi during the ROC!

(July) On the right track!

(July) Size doesn't matter!

(July) More Wahoo!

(July) Bing the Sail up!

(July) Shark Bite, this happened to us 27 NM offshore, Wild!

(July) another Sail, Just out having fun!

(July) Radar Rig 40 NM offshore running from Emily!

(July) 3 kids having fun!

(July) Trout and smiles!

(July) Another Mahi for Elliot out of the blue!

(July) Trout for Three!

(July) Deep Sea Round-Up Blue Marlin!

(July) The rest of the catch!

(July) Two out of a Triple!

(July) Nice Hoo!

(July) The rest of the catch!

(July) Nice Mahi!

(July) Really big Mahi!

Click here for Mahi Video!

(July) Wahoo too!

(July) Another Big Mahi!

Click here for Mahi Video!

5-07 Nice Mahi!