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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From January 2006 - June 2006

2006-06 Helping the Texas parks and Wildlife put up voluntary run lanes to protect the Sea Grass!

2006-06 Helping the Texas parks and Wildlife put up voluntary run lanes to protect the Sea Grass!

2006-06 Helping the Texas parks and Wildlife put up voluntary run lanes to protect the Sea Grass!

2006-06 Chance feeding a poor baby Seagull...nothing I ever expected to be doing!...maybe he won't grow up to be a bait stealer!

(Click here for Video)

2006-06 Helping the Texas parks and Wildlife put up voluntary run lanes to protect the Sea Grass!

2006-06 Helping the Texas parks and Wildlife put up voluntary run lanes to protect the Sea Grass!

2006-06 Texas Bay Stringer!

2006-06 Tripletail From the Bay!  Great Catch!

2006-06 Back to Back Wahoo and Mahi!

2006-06 Double Header Tuna!

2006-06 Nice Offshore stringer from the customer's 23' Whaler!

2006-06 Nice summer stringer!

2006-06 26 3/4 Trout!

2006-06 27 3/4 Trout on Piggies...Released!

2006-06 Capital Beverage Group...and 35+ mile an hour winds!  Thanks Guys!

2006-06 With Alligators and Shark!

2006-06 Limit and More!

2006-06 Nice King Small Boat!

2006-06 Cleaning his ears!

2006-06 Wait Stingray Picture!!

2006-06 Nice day for fishing!!

2006-06 Big Wahoo for the McCune's!

2006-06 Big Mahi for Capt. Scott!

2006-06 First fish aboard Dad's new boat, double header Wahoo!

2006-06 The Entire South Texas Children's Home Gang!

2006-06 South Texas Children's Home Girls!

Hey Girls it was nice fishing with ya'll!

2006-06 Double Header!

2006-06 Chance with a Cow Nose Ray!

2006-05 Cocktail Fishing with the Family!

2006-05 Lady and the Redfish!

2006-05 One among a limit!

2006-05 Babe's on the Bat Weigh-in!  3rd largest Redfish!

I left my camera and a weeks pictures at the cleaning table!  Lots of BIG fish too!


2006-05 Evening Fishing!

2006-05 Evening Fishing!

2006-05 Evening Fishing!

2006-05 Nighttime Fishing, Good Net Job!

Click here to see the Video!

2006-05 Nice Red!

2006-05 Nighttime Fishing 2 hours!

2006-05 Big Red - Nice Day!

2006-04 Father and Son Double Header!

2006-04 Nice Day - Big Trout in the Afternoon!

2006-04 Fun Trip with Friends!

2006-04 Nice Red!

2006-04 Big Trout, Released!

Click here to watch the RELEASE video!

2006-04 1/2 day Trip!

2006-04 1/2 day Trip!

2006-04 Within 10 minutes of filming my TV Show

2006-04 King Size Trout and a Texas Slam!

2006-04 Huge Trout!

2006-04 Nice Red!

2006-04 Many fish Released 2nd Day fishing!

2006-04 Nice Trout!

2006-04 Triple Header!

2006-04 Double Header!

2006-04 First Day's Catch with lots of releases!  Guess who caught most of the Fish!

2006-04 Nice Red!

2006-04 Night Red!

2006-04 Big Red!

2006-04 Double!

From Chris Garcia:

Caught this fish while waiting to redeploy from Iraq. Don't know what it is but they put up a fight. I bought the pole from a Pakistani guy who worked in the barber shop for $35. We had to steal (acquire) corn from the chow hall for bait. It's great to be back in Texas where I can fish without wearing a handgun.

2006-04 Nice Trout!

2006-04 Nice Red!

2006-04 Back to Back...many many more this day!

2006-04 Nice Trout!

2006-04 Mike First day...lots of releases!

2006-04 Mike Day 2, largest Red of the Trip!

2006-04 Fishing With My Rodeo Buds!

2006-04 The Captain Got To Have Fun Too, Fish Released!

2006-04 Beautiful Redfish, Getting Mounted!

2006-04 Smallest Fish of the Year!

2006-04 Bay Boat Fighting Chair, Proof You Don't Have To Go Back to the Marina!

2006-04 Evening Double Header!

2006-04 Nice Trout, Released!

2006-04 One of Many, fishing a couple of hours in the evening!

2006-03 Good Half Day Fishing!

2006-03 Brothers Having Fun!

2006-03 Good Day Fishing!

2006-03 One of Many!

2006-03 TJ's Released Trout!

2006-03 At Crab Inn for Dinner!

2006-03 Gary Likes Evening Fishing!

2006-03 First Red of the Day!

2006-03 Big Red!

2006-03 Tri This!

2006-03 Another Half Day Trip started late!

2006-03 Half Day filming a fishing show many Big Fish released!!

2006-03 Redfish!

2006-03 How Sweet!

2006-03 Tom Jr. Trout!

2006-03 2 hours and 45 minutes, we started at 4:00PM

2006-03 Tom and Tom Jr. Double header!

2006-03 kidos love fishing!

2006-03 Nice Red!

2006-03 Redfish!

2006-03 Good Red, one of many!

2006-03 Christmas Present!

2006-02 Good fishing on a cold day!

2006-02 The Cowboy Otro Vez (Again)!

2006-02 Another!

2006-02 The Cowboy got to reel one in!

(Click  here for a cool video)

2006-02 Ricardo Y Sailfish!

(Click  here for a cool video)

2006-02 Our Sailfish hole!

(Click  here for a cool video)

2006-02 Dock talk and rigging for the next trip!

2006-02 Bait Pods!

2006-02 Ola!

2006-02 Looking for Fish!

2006-02 Getting home after fishing!

2006-02 The Crew!

2006-02 Fish talk!

2006-02 The Crew!

2006-02 Finally  here Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

2006-02 Running Past Isla Contoy, Mexico!

2006-02 Light House at Isla Contoy, Mexico!

2006-01 Last Duck hunt this year!

2006-01 Evening Hunt!

2006-01 Kayak Duck Hunt!

2006-01 Moonlight Red!

2006-01 Fun evening with many more!

2006-01 Real nice Fish!

2006-01 Big Trout!

2006-01 Last Red!

2006-01 Nice  Double!

2005-12 Atalie's Nice Trout!

2005-12 Reds!

2006-01 Big Red!

2006-01 Wes's First Deer!

2006-01 Capt. Wes trying the .300 Win Mag.!

Click here for Video!

2006-01 The .357!

Click here for Video!

2006-01 Washing the Deer!

2006-01 Wes getting the Tenderloins!