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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From January 2008 - June 2008

2008-6 Nice Trout!

2008-6 Kids play trip!

(click here for video)

2008-6 Kids Play Day!

(click here for video)

2008-6 Nice Near Shore Training Trip!

2008-6 Nice Ling and Nice Shark!

2008-6 Redfish!

2008-6 Nice Trout for the Rookie!

2008-6 Under 2 hours On a Training Trip!

2008-6 Big Jack On Lite Tackle, Training Trip!

2008-6 Hooked Up!

2008-6 Nice Redfish!

2008-6 Hugh Blackfin!

2008-6 Catching Snakes at Venice Marina!

2008-6 4th Place Yellowfin!

2008-6 Venice Marina before the Cajun Classic!

2008-6 Fueling Up For A Big Run!

2008-5 Blue Fin Tuna for Dinner!

2008-5 Fueled Up and Ready!

2008-5 Na Kika & Mahi!

2008-5 Only a Few Of The 100+ Boats fishing the Orange Beach Tournament!

2008-5 Part Of The Crew!

(click here for video)

2008-5 Weighed Two Nice Yellowfin & Mahi!

2008-5 Orange Beach Tournament!

2008-5 Orange Beach Tournament!

2008-5 Huge Stingray released!

2008-5 Huge Stingray!

(click here for video)

2008-5 Good Babe's On The Bay Redfish!

(click here for video)

2008-5 Nice Half Day Trout and Redfish!

2008-5 Nice Half Day, Texas Slam!

2008-4 Nice Half Day, Texas Slam!

2008-4 Great Redfish!

2008-4 Big Redfish!

2008-4 Finalized Coor's Ad Campaign with Fishntexas.com!

2008-4 Nice Reds, Customers at the Bar having drinks!

2008-4 Nice Red for Javier, after a cold front blew in!

2008-4 Couple of Hours, With Trophies Released!

2008-4 Nice Speckle Trout!

2008-4 Nice Catch!

2008-4 Double Redfish!

(click here for video)

2008-4 Nice Reds!

2008-4 Nice Red!

2008-4 Nice Reds!

2008-4 Nice Trout!

2008-4 Limit of Nice Reds!

2008-4 Chance Fishing With His Cast!

2008-4 Limit of Nice Reds and a  few On a Half Day Trip!

2008-4 Nice Red!

2008-4 Really Nice Red!

2008-4 Good Fun For My Buddies Randy and Benje!

2008-4 Nice Red Benje...NFR Sound Guy!

(click here for video)

2008-4 Finally We Made It To Pensacola!

2008-4 Member's Of The Lady's Tournament Team!

2008-4 New Tournament Machine!

2008-3 Hot Fishing, Left'em Biting - Released Many!

2008-3 Blake On A Nice Fish, Too Bad He Cut Us Off On The Floater!

2008-3 Louisiana Oil Rig

2008-3 Foggy Morning Leaving South Pass On The Mississippi!

2008-3 Cypress Creek Marina, LA!

2008-3 Aransas Taxidermy...They Do Offshore Fish!

2008-3 Kingfish From Mobile, AL!

2008-3 My Son Chance Made The Cover Of Sport Fishing Magazine's eNewsletter!

2008-3 Hot Fishing, Left'em Biting!  Many More Released!

2008-3 Nice Trout Released!

2008-3 Nice Trout Released!

2008-3 Double!

2008-3 Spots!

2008-3 Nice Trout...Great Job!

2008-3 Half Day trip...Hot Fishing!

Left'em Biting!

2008-3 See Us In Stores Everywhere, Coor's Is Using Us For Their Saltwater Ad Campaign!

2008-3 Nice Trout On Topwater!

2008-3 Big Redfish On Topwater

2008-3 6 Hours of Fishing, Left'em Biting

2008-2 The Catch With Other Keepers Released!

2008-2 The Fight!

2008-2 Another Nice Redfish!

2008-2 Nice Redfish, one of many!

(click here for video)

2008-2 3 Nice Redfish!

2008-2 The Laguna Reef Gang!

(click here for video)

2008-2 Night, Nice Redfish!

2008-2 Trout & Redfish released other keepers!

2008-2 Trout & Redfish released other keepers!

2008-2 Trout & Redfish released other keepers! 

2008-2 Nice Redfish!

2008-2 Tough Day Fishing, The Kids Did Great!

2008-2 Family Fun - Triple Header! 

2008-2 Double Header! 

2008-2 Nice Black Drum! 

2008-1 We Were Giving Seminars Again! 

2008-1 Austin Boat Show 2008! 

2008-1 Hour Power at night, all Released! 

2008-1 Limits all Around Again - Day 2! 

2008-1 Limits all Around! 

2008-1 The Tuna Haul in Rough Seas! 

2008-1 1st Yellowfin For Us This Year! 

2008-1 A good Mounting haul! 

2008-1 Shooting and More Shooting! 

2008-1 First Red of the New Year! 

2008-1 Second Redfish of the Year! 

2008-1 Biggest Redfish of the Year! 

2008-1 Me-Maw's Redfish!