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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From July 2007 - June 2007

2010-07 Nice Redfish James!

2010-06 Nice Redfish Nick!

2010-06 Father Son Double!

2010-06 Trigger Growing Up!

2010-06 Nice Sailfish!

2010-06 Nice Sailfish!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-06 Nice Sailfish!

2010-06 Powder Puff Team!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-06 Powder Puff Weigh In!

2010-06 Powder Puff Redfish!

2010-06 Powder Puff Black Drum!

2010-06 Quick Day of Fishing!

2010-06  Another Nice Redfish!

2010-06 South Texas Children's Home Trip!

2010-06 Light Tackle Black Tip Shark!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-06 Lots of Fish Meat For Half Day!

2010-06 Arizona Style!

2010-06 75# of Fish!

2010-06 Trout Master with a Redfish!

2010-06 Nice Morning Redfish!

2010-06 Solid Redfish!

2010-06 DIGCO Company afternoon Trip!

2010-06 8 Spots!

2010-06 1 Person Trip with Many Releases!

(click here for video)

2010-06 24" Trout Released, Even Though She Already Laid Her Eggs!

2010-05 A Big Redfish of the Day!

(click here for video)

2010-05 Canadian Fishing Fun!

(click here for video)

2010-05 Level Best Foundation Repair Trip!

Thanks Johnny!

2010-05 Nice Catch Guys, They were on My Pfizer Trip Too!

2010-05 A Lot of Fun on My 2nd Trip of The Day!

2010-05 Nice Redfish!

2010-05 The Pfizer Fish!

2010-05 Big Night Time Speckled Trout!

2010-05 A Late Evening Big Redfish!


2010-05 David Came in From New Zealand and Found a Hugh Trout!


2010-05 Night Fishing Trip!

2010-05 Another Monster Night Fishing Trout!


2010-05 Night Fishing Redfish!

2010-05 Monster Night Fishing Trout!

2010-04 More Redfish, Drum And Trout! 

2010-04 Redfish, Drum and Trout!

2010-04 Triple Header!

2010-04 Nice Black Drum! 

2010-04 27 1/2" Refish!

2010-04 Nice Redfish!

2010-04 Nice Afternoon Haul!

2010-04 Great Trout!

2010-04 Juan & A Big Redfish!

2010-04 Nice Trout!

2010-04 We Had A Lot Of Fun!

2010-04 Hugh Redfish!

2010-04 Somebody Needs To Go On A Diet!

2010-04 Good Redfish Mark!

2010-04 Nice Redfish!

2010-04 Four Redfish At Once, Multiple hook-Ups All Day, Incredible 100 Fish Day!

2010-04 This Is The Year Of The Big Trout!


2010-04 Nice Little Half Day Haul, with About 70 Other Fish released...East Texas Boys!

2010-04 Nice Trout...Still Fighting a Good On the Front!


2010-04 Beautiful Redfish!

2010-04 TJ and Brian with a Good Trout!

2010-04 Shelby's Going Away to College Present!

2010-04 Spanish Mackerel on the Flats!

2010-04 Nice Redfish!

2010-04 Shelby with One of Many Nice Trout!

2010-04 Nice Spring Time Haul!

2010-04 Third Big Trout for the day - Goes to Matt!

2010-04 Second Big Trout = Goes to Justin!

Stop eating taquitos though!

2010-04 First of the Big Trout - Mario!

2010-04 Three Hours of Fishing and Only Keeping Dinner!

2010-04 50+ Lbs Black Drum!

(click here for video)

2010-03 SPOTS!

2010-03 A Lot of Fish Caught During This Company Trip!

2010-03 Black Drum!

2010-03 Some BIG Redfish, Very Quickly!

(click here for video)

2010-03 Just Some Nice Big Redfish! 

2010-03 A Nice Corral of Fish!

2010-03 The Janyes Gang!

2010-03 Jonathan's Spring Break Redfish!

2010-03 More Than 20 Keeper Trout in Just a

Few Hours, Left Them Biting!

2010-03 Reel Fun!

2010-03 Afternoon Bay Fishing!

2010-03 Really Nice Trout Being Caught in the Late Evening!

2010-02 Some Really Nice Trout Being Caught in the Late Evening!

2010-02 Easy Limits and MORE Released !

2010-02 Triple Header Redfish!

2010-02 Finally Fishing Again!

2010-02 Fox, Coons and Ringtails, on all different weapons!

2010-02 A Pesky Coon With An AR-15

2010-02 Ringtail .With a 22-250


2010-02 Another Pesky Coon With An .50 Cal Black Powder!

2010-02 A Pesky Coon With An .50 Cal Black Powder!

2010-02 A Pesky Coon With An AR-15

2010-01 Gorgeous Pair!

(click here for video)

2010-01 Big Speckled Trout!


2010-01 A Mounting Redhead & Many More!

(click here for video)

2010-01 9 Birds 1 Hour!

2010-01 Good Duck Hunt!

2010-01 Good Shooting!

2010-01 Getting Ready for a Duck Hunt!

2010-01 Starting the New Year's Off Right!