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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From July 2010 - December 2010

2010-12 Chance finished Off Madison's Hog!

2010-12 My Daughter Madison Shot a Hog...Tracking Sign!

2010-12 Client Training Trip!

2010-12 Travis with a Nice Trout!

2010-12 Chance With A Canvasback!  

2010-12 A Look Down Fish!

2010-12 The Last Time I saw Chance's Deer!

2010-12 Clients Bailed...So I Got a Quick Limit...Trigger Helped!  

2010-12 Kasey and Chance...Great Hunt!

2010-12 Horns!

2010-12 Morning Pic at the Main House!

2010-12 Dinner Camp In Oklahoma with the Neighbors and Friends Too!

2010-12 Chance's Biggest Deer Yet!

2010-12 The Field of Dreams!

2010-11 Jeb Chas and Bobby!

2010-11 Fishing with Old Family Friends!

2010-11 Bay retrieving the 11th Ducks!

Non-Guided Hunting

2010-11 Sandi!

Non-Guided Hunting

2010-11 Dave and Bay!

Non-Guided Hunting

2010-11 Bay on a Retrieve!

Non-Guided Hunting

2010-11 21 Ducks Morning Hunt!

2010-11 19 Ducks, 30 Trout, 1 Drum and 7 Redfish!

2010-11 29" Redfish!

2010-11 All of Our Ducks in a Row!

2010-11 Morning Hunt!

2010-11 Scouting Paid Off for the customers!

2010-2010-11 My Spare Time Scouting and Work Trigger!

2010-11 Trigger on One of His first Ever
Duck Retrieves, Good Job Boy!

2010-11 115# Pounds of Fish!

2010-11 Trigger is waiting for you to book a Duck Hunting Trip!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-08 Big Redfish!

(Click Here For Video)

New Video

2010-11 One of Several Doubles!

2010-11 Big Redfish Day with many releases drifting!

2010-11 A Day Of Redfish!

2010-11 Another Big Redfish!

2010-11 35" Redfish we Tried releasing but had to pick him up later!

2010-11 A Day Of Redfish!

2010-11 Big Redfish of the Day!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-11 Another Big Fish!

2010-11 Her First Redfish Ever!

2010-11 Deep Hull!

2010-11 Hauling Out!

2010-11 Side View!

2010-11 A Look At The Hi-Tech Pods!

2010-11 Hi-tech Front View!

2010-11 Hit-Tech Out of the Water!

2010-11 Hi-Tech Engines!

2010-11 Hell of a Helm!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-11 Hall Way View!

2010-11 Bathroom!

2010-11 Hi-Tech Galley!

2010-11 Hi-Tech Front Birth!

2010-11 Fort Lauderdale 'W' Room!

Fishing Guide Special!

2010-11 Fort Lauderdale 'W' Room!

Fishing Guide Special!

2010-11 Fort Lauderdale 'W' Room!

Fishing Guide Special!

2010-11 Good Night!

Fishing Guide Special!

2010-11 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, only a few of the MANY!

2010-11 Submarine on a Boat!

2010-11 A Take This Job and Shove it Slide!

2010-11 One of many Helipads!

2010-10 A Nice Haul!

2010-10 Another Really Nice Redfish!

2010-10 A Day Of Catch'N!

2010-10 A Really Nice Redfish!!

2010-10 Many Releases too, Big Fish!

2010-10 Ready for Duck Hunting!

2010-10 Looking For Birds!

2010-10 Really Big Redfish!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-10 BIG Speckled Trout!

2010-10 Many Fish and Many Releases!

2010-10 BIG Redfish!

2010-09 Aunt Peggy with a fish on a Topwater at night!

2010-09 Keep enough for Dinner, they tasted GREAT Blackened at Crab Inn Last Night!

2010-09 Nice Speckled Trout RELEASED to go with Tons of Redfish!

2010-09 Double Redfish!

2010-09 Half Day Trip with Many Releases!

2010-09 Fish Kiss!

2010-09 Training trip with many releases too!

2010-09 Stormy Fishing!

2010-09 Back to Back Fish!

2010-09 Black Drum!

2010-09 Great Day Of Fishing!

2010-09 Good Redfish With a Storm In the Background!

2010-09 Good Redfish With a Storm In the Background!

2010-09 It Took Awhile, But We Got Some Good Fish...Released About 20!

2010-09 Double Time!

2010-09 The Gals!

2010-09 Say Aaaaah!

2010-09 Nice Redfish!

2010-09 Double Redfish!

2010-09 BIG Redfish!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-09 Nice Redfish!

2010-09 Bay Shark!

2010-08 What a Fishing Haul!

2010-08 Trigger Says Book Your

Duck Hunt Now!

2010-08 Another Nice Redfish!

2010-08 Another Nice Redfish!

2010-08 Lost Pic of Sydney!

2010-08 Another Fish Haul!

2010-08 A One Person Trip!

2010-08 Double Redfish on a Training Trip!

2010-08 Way to Go Travis!

2010-08 32" Redfish!

2010-08 A really Nice Speckled Trout!

2010-08 Madison & Bailey Vacation!

2010-08 Madison With a Redfish On!

2010-08 Tube Time Break From Fishing!

2010-08 Tube Time Break From Fishing!

2010-08 Fishing Date, Cool Idea!

2010-08 Level Best Foundation Group!

2010-08 First Redfish!

2010-08 First Redfish!

2010-08 Good Half Day!

2010-08 Cool Triple Header!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-08 Another Big Redfish!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-08 Big Redfish!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-08 Another Big Redfish!

2010-08 Nice Half Day Trip!

2010-08 Just A Haul!

2010-08 Great Day!

2010-08 Water Shot!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-07 A Fun Day With a Fishing Friend

of Mine From a Previous World!

2010-07 Doubleheader!

2010-07 Nice Redfish!

2010-07 First Redfish of the Day For Lorne!

2010-07 A Nice Mess of Fish!

2010-07 A Windy as Hell Day, But Some

Decent Fish!

2010-07 Keith With Another Big Redfish!

2010-07 Rowdy Got a Nice Redfish Too!!

2010-07 Father & Son Double Header!

2010-07 What Fun For the Kids!

2010-07 Most of the Fish From the CVS

Group's Half Day Trip!

2010-07 My Girls From CVS, Good Job!

2010-07 Mud Buddies!

2010-07 Still On Vacation But Motorcycle

 Riding Now!

2010-07 Bull Riders Surfing After A

Fishing Break!

2010-07 Good Half Day!

2010-07 A Lot Of Spots!

2010-07 Big Redfish!

2010-07 Great High Tide Haul!

The One That Got Away!

(Click Here For Video)

2010-07 Another Day Another Nice Redfish!

2010-07 Nice Redfish Sterling!

2010-07 Nice Redfish Brice!

2010-07 Nice Redfish Ethan!

2010-07 Nice Redfish James!

2010-06 Nice Redfish Nick!

2010-06 Father Son Double!

2010-06 Trigger Growing Up!