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Day 1  Left Port Aransas heading to Port O'Connor, just to get out of town.

14:20 - Left Port Aransas heading for the first stop in Port O'Connor.  

17:35 - Light wind a nice run.  we waited for a life raft sent down from Cuero, TX.  We ate dinner at "The Spot".  The day was uneventful.

Day 2  Left Port O'Connor heading to Sabine

05:30 - Woke up and took on fuel, heading for Sabine Pass.  

12:00 - Found Aft bulkhead holding water, but not enough to cause problems.

16:15 - Arrived Sabine Pass to find fuel docks closed at 16:00

19:30 - Went to eat at "Skeeters", Chicken fried Rib-Eye all round!  Meet a Coast Guard contact with charting information for us, very helpful

Day 3 Left Sabine Heading to Cypre Point Marina in Louisiana

06:30 - Woke to search for fuel, the public fuel dock doesn't open until 09:00.

07:15 - Installed new charting program and map details.

07:15 - Installed new Bilge in the aft compartment.

10:30 - Raining heavy, Headed to Vermillion Bay, LA and Cypre point Marina.

17:15 - Entered Vermillion Bay behind some supply vessels and changed heading to Inter-Coastal City.

20:00 - Finished Fueling at Tosoro and caught a Taxi to Blacks restaurant in Abbeville, LA, Fantastic!

22:30 - After grocery shopping we secured the boat and went to sleep.

Day 4 Started taking Pictures Heading to New Orleans from Inter-coastal City
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DSCN0320.JPG (70877 bytes)

06:30 - Left Inter-Coastal City heading for New Orleans.

16:30 - Fueled up in Algiers, La and ran through the locks to New Orleans, it was still raining.

19:30 - Entered Lake Pontchatrain and the Municipal Marina.

23:45 - After all chores complete headed for Martigra!


DSCN0321.JPG (79617 bytes)
Day 5 Offshore of Louisiana Southeast Pass heading to Orange Beach, Al
DSCN0324.JPG (109338 bytes)

6:00 - Got back to the boat from Martigra.

07:30 - Left the Marina heading for "?", just trying to get some distance.

11:30 - Ended up out in the Gulf, don't ask.

14:30 - The weather is getting pretty bad, change coarse to Mobile Bay.

17:15 - Entered Mobile Bay, and set coarse for Orange Beach, AL.  Weather still very bad!

20:00 - Stopped at Bear Point Marina in Orange Beach, wind blowing 40+ knots.

20:30 - Ate at the Back Porch, Great food!


DSCN0325.JPG (94236 bytes)
DSCN0323.JPG (91198 bytes) DSCN0326.JPG (99652 bytes)
Day 6 Offshore of Panama City, FL after leaving Orange Beach, AL
DSCN0329.JPG (145665 bytes) Contemplating new USCG approved Sanitation System DSCN0330.JPG (145778 bytes)

Testing new USCG approved Sanitation System

DSCN0328.JPG (48393 bytes) DSCN0333.JPG (96132 bytes)
DSCN0331.JPG (61899 bytes)

07:15 - We left Orange Beach, AL all rested after the tough day yesterday.

09:30 - exited to the gulf through Pensacola for a nice run offshore

11:30 - Received a call from the Coast Guard about a sailboat that had to be abandoned in the storm the day before. another vessel, we recruited help from several fishing vessels and finally located it for  the USCG.

15:30 - Pulled into Bay Point Marina, it is a beautiful place!

21:30 - Went to dinner and had a few drinks on the town!

DSCN0332.JPG (101037 bytes)
DSCN0336.JPG (117118 bytes) DSCN0335.JPG (129389 bytes) DSCN0334.JPG (122648 bytes) DSCN0327.JPG (93695 bytes)
Day  7 Offshore  Arriving Clearwater, FL from Panama City, FL
DSCN0343.JPG (107297 bytes)

07:00 - Left Bay Point Marina after a night of rest, destination Clearwater, FL.

07:30 - Gulf was a little choppy, 2 or 3 foot seas and light winds.

13:30 - Wind started blowing out of the East making for a better ride.

14:30 - Boring!

18:00 - Arrived Clearwater, Fl.

20:00 - Ate all you can eat snow crab at Cooter's, Great food Again!



DSCN0342.JPG (111007 bytes)
DSCN0337.JPG (61103 bytes) DSCN0341.JPG (100615 bytes)
Day 8 Offshore  Arriving Moore Haven, FL from Clearwater, FL
DSCN0352.JPG (105769 bytes) DSCN0346.JPG (108340 bytes) DSCN0353.JPG (121495 bytes) DSCN0350.JPG (75268 bytes) DSCN0344.JPG (71845 bytes)
DSCN0361.JPG (94538 bytes) DSCN0355.JPG (99710 bytes) DSCN0356.JPG (138013 bytes) DSCN0347.JPG (90523 bytes) DSCN0348.JPG (90401 bytes)
DSCN0345.JPG (70986 bytes)

07:30 - Fueled up in Clearwater $1.57 a gallon.

08:00 - Started download on Lake Okeechobee Charts.

12:30 - Entered Boca Chica for a nice ride to Fort Myers.

14:30 - Fuel was $1.78 so we passed it up!

22:00 - beautiful scenery but slow going, a lot of no wake zones.

23:00 - Ate food from a seedy Cuban cafe, but they are always the best!


DSCN0358.JPG (120950 bytes)
DSCN0362.JPG (136081 bytes) DSCN0349.JPG (76086 bytes)
DSCN0360.JPG (143862 bytes) DSCN0359.JPG (110147 bytes)
DSCN0351.JPG (74500 bytes) DSCN0363.JPG (89037 bytes) DSCN0354.JPG (97083 bytes) DSCN0364.JPG (87203 bytes) DSCN0357.JPG (119714 bytes)
Day 9 Offshore  left Moore Haven, FL through Lake Okeechobee and on the Fort Lauderdale, FL
DSCN0369.JPG (275187 bytes) DSCN0365.JPG (302496 bytes) DSCN0370.JPG (293009 bytes) DSCN0368.JPG (277888 bytes) DSCN0367.JPG (254899 bytes)
DSCN0371.JPG (267430 bytes)


06:45 - Check fluids and started the engines for the last stretch of the trip.

07:10 - At first of 4 locks for the day.

09:00 - heading out into Lake Okeechobee

10:30 - At the lake Okeechobee lock.

11:30 - Fueled up at a little marina on the St. Lucie Canal, Tired of locks and draw bridges.

13:30 - Ate lunch at Wahoo's in Stuart, FL.

15:00 - Breaking the waters of the Atlantic at the St. Lucie Inlet.

15:30 -  Started trolling on our 54 nm trip on the Fort Lauderdale, no luck.

19:45 - Entering the jetties of the Samaki's new home 1364 nm later!

DSCN0366.JPG (295884 bytes)
DSCN0373.JPG (258327 bytes) DSCN0376.JPG (292539 bytes) DSCN0374.JPG (266071 bytes) DSCN0375.JPG (269783 bytes) DSCN0372.JPG (253552 bytes)
Sight seeing in Fort Lauderdale, FL
DSCN0392.JPG (287995 bytes) DSCN0394.JPG (265984 bytes) DSCN0395.JPG (258622 bytes) DSCN0387.JPG (268817 bytes) DSCN0388.JPG (264786 bytes)
DSCN0397.JPG (257246 bytes)  



Fun in the sun sight seeing in Fort Lauderdale on a Saturday!

DSCN0396.JPG (302986 bytes)
DSCN0390.JPG (248817 bytes) DSCN0389.JPG (251129 bytes) DSCN0386.JPG (263320 bytes) DSCN0391.JPG (253656 bytes) DSCN0393.JPG (242685 bytes)
Mileage and fuel
From To Hours Nautical Miles Gallons Average RPM
Port O'Connor, TX Sabine Pass, TX 10 188 320 1800
Sabine Pass, TX Inter-Coastal City, TX 12 124 240 1650-1800
Inter-Coastal City, TX Algiers, LA 10.5 117 216 1650-2350
Algiers, LA Orange Beach, AL 12 213 330 1700
Orange Beach, AL Panama City, FL 9 119 170 1850
Panama City, FL Clearwater, FL 11.5 220 373 1850-1900
Clearwater, FL More Heaven, FL 13 225 323 600-2050
More Heaven, FL Fort Lauderdale 13 104 151 600-2050
Totals 101 1310 2123