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Getting Started

Boat Supplies…I supply all Tackle, Bait and Ice…if you have any favorite equipment let’s talk…especially bait casters or special left hand setup reels…we always come up with comfortable options!


Trip Items…You should bring food & drinks, I will transfer these into a cooler already on my boat for those items…BEER is good luck so bring all you like…you can also bring Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses, hats and sun tan lotion (NOT Banana Boat!)


Location…we can leave from several different locations…I suggest the closet one to the fish or the bait it can vary from day to day…I insist that all customers call the evening before the trip to hard set the place and time…I can give estimated places and time days prior…however it is always best to check in with me the day before, I understand that some customers have a schedule they have to stick to and can not fish when the fishing for that day may be the best.



Lodging…Laguna Reef, Tarpon Inn, Miss Kitty’s (houses), Plantation suites and Port Royal are my recommended lodging locations…some of which offer discounts if you mention that you are fishing with me!



Licenses:  Children 16 and under DO NOT need a license but everyone else does.


Shoes Please wear light sole shoes, tennis, sandals or flip-flops.


Bananas…PLEASE do not bring ANY Banana products on the boat…including Banana Boat Sun Screen Products…anything with the word banana in it is not allowed on the boat…it is very bad luck!


Prices…If you haven’t checked this out yet these are the links from my webpage to the price lists for all trips.

Bay trip:  http://fishntexas.com/boats_8seconds.htm

Offshore Trip:  http://fishntexas.com/boats_passion2.htm

Bay Training:  http://fishntexas.com/boats_training_bay.htm

Offshore Training:  http://fishntexas.com/boats_training_offshore.htm

Duck Hunting:  http://fishntexas.com/boats_8seconds_V_hunt.htm


Payments…deposits and trip payments can be made from the link below.



Other Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make Deposits and what are they for? - You can make deposits through the Online Store at this Website or you may mail them the above address.  The deposit holds the trip date and is rarely refundable.  Many things may happen between the day the trip is scheduled and the actual date of the trip which require me to hold a deposit, even people with the best intentions have no showed or canceled shortly before the date, which is a large revenue loss for us due to inadequate time to book another party or other passed up opportunities.  A full refund will be paid for boat problems both Bay and Offshore! Offshore trips can opt for a Bay trip if the seas are too high, the wind is gusting above 17 knots or other bad weather, should you choose to opt out of Bay fishing your deposit will be Forfeited, Bay trips will NOT be charged a rescheduling fee because those clients are not left with a fishing option and we can fish the flats in almost all conditions.


What kind of shoes are ok? - Flip flops, boat deck shoes, tennis shoes with white soles. Or just come barefoot. Anything like a work boot or dark soled shoes are not allowed. The decks are all painted surfaces and don't like black marks or rough soled shoes.


What kind of equipment will I be using?  All of our equipment is state of the art and either new or well maintained!


Who do I tip?  Basically the same percentage options that you would tip for service at a restaurant. On my boat either the Capt. or Mate. We split general tips down the middle, unless you specify otherwise and this is sometimes the case. Some boats the Capt. will keep it all or the mate/deck hand is paid very low and in that case you need to tip the deck hand. If in question ask.


Do you have a fighting chair? Yes on the larger boats and on the 31' we have Standup harnesses and a sit down rod gimbals for  billfish trips. Other types of fishing we remove it for more fishing room in the transom area and use fighting belts.


Do I need a fishing license?  On Bluewater Trips you will be fishing in federal waters Now require a state fishing license.  however for Bay trips and near shore Gulf Trips you will need a license, so purchase a temporary or full year.


How about children? There is nothing like watching the eyes light up on a youngster when they get a fighting kingfish, their first shark or catching a Big Red in the Bay.


Do you charge less for children?  Yes, Children are half price on the Bay Trips.  On offshore trips the children do count toward 4, the maximum number of people we allow.  We do however make exceptions for parents with more children, such as two parents and three children and so on.


Do people get sea sick often?  Most don't. A little caution goes a long way. Don't hit the bars the evening before! Eat a light dinner, not Mexican or anything real spicy, get to bed early, eat something in the morning, stay away from the coffee and you will probably be fine. I find people who do the above and take Dramamine the night before never seem to have a problem. For more information on how to prepare click here!


Can I bring my bring own equipment?  Of coarse. The boat is yours for the day and we are here to serve you. But I tend to discourage it. It's really pretty simple. Snap goes the outrigger, there is a pause while everyone tries to pick up on which line just went off. Then who grabs it. It's a big one, then the line snaps or knot comes apart. And there goes one of my good lures. Or there goes one of your nice lures on that 100 lb Wahoo. It's hard to take the responsibility for the trip when using a mixture of equipment where we are familiar with some and not others. Hate to loose that special one when you may only get one shot a day. On the other hand I had a customer in July that brought his 80lb Penn Gold on board and got a good sized Blue Marlin on it. Certainly added to his enjoyment and sense of satisfaction on his first Blue. You do have to accept the responsibility for the day if you bring your own equipment.


Is there shade on the boat?  The offshore boats have shade on the transom but does have a  cabin. The cockpit does have all shade and usually the best breeze. Movies are free.  The bay boat does not because it would interfere with the casting.


Can I bring a cooler?  Please leave them at the dock and use them for transfer of item to and from the boat.  Bring your own for drinks and food. We have plenty of ice and storage for your catch.  Bay trips just transfer items to my permanent boxes for space savings.


Credit cards/ Payment method?  Yes, but let me know when you book the trip to make arrangements otherwise we will not be able to process it at the dock.  All Credit Card payments can be made through the online store.


Fish cleaning & storage?  Only on Bay Trips.  I usually pick up and drop off at Fisherman's Wharf where they have a good fish cleaning and storage facility. We are not allowed to do it at the docks. There is a facility for public use down where the boat ramps are near the ferry. For us to clean your fish we would have to transport the catch down to the facility somehow and then return. Just to time consuming. I believe Fisherman's Wharf charges about $.45 a pound.


Split charters?  This question comes up more often than you would think. It's done a lot in vacation spots like Mexico, Jamaica, etc. where the hotels book people at an individual rate and somehow the boat ends up full. Say $80 to go fishing, but you will be joined by up to seven other strangers on the charter. That's generally not done down here. Let's say I book six different people for an all day long charter for say $150 each. And four don't show up, who pays. If I ask the two left to make up the full charter price they will be pretty unhappy. To make this work I would have to ask everyone to pay the full amount up front. Not a problem if it's a bunch of people vacationing and are in town already, but that is not usually the case down here.


How much time do we spend fishing verse running?  This question comes up mostly from people who have had some trips on party boats where they run a long distance, stop and drop lines for awhile, and move from here to there. When you are on a private charter you are in effect fishing from the time you leave the jetties. Depending on what has been biting where for the previous days your Capt. probably has some idea of where he's heading on your charter, however that days weather, seas, birds flying around, bait jumping, etc. you are in effect fishing from the time you break the jetties. I may stop the first time after 15 minutes or it could be three hours. When on a private charter you are on the hunt all the time. In less the charter is for bottom fishing only then you generally know where they are.


What about tipping?  Tipping is traditional in the private charter business and tends to make the day a profitable one or not for your crew. The incentive makes them work harder. Guide lines are along the lines of restaurants. 10% if the trip was ok. 15% if the trip was really good and 20% if your crew busted their buts and got you that Blue Marlin or 100 lb Yellowfin. If you are just plain unhappy let us know by not tipping. Tip are based on perceived effort not on the catch. There are  days the fish just don't bite.


Can I make suggestions?  You bet. It's your money and it is a private charter. Don't be bashful to speak up if you want to try something different, or see some birds off in the distance, or whatever. We don't know everything and always welcome ideas.


Who grabs the rod when we get a strike?  I like to come to an understanding on the way out. I like customers who want to get involved in the process from setting the hook to gaffing the fish. I always wanted to get more involved in the whole process when I used to charter but never did. I love to teach people how to fish. On the down side the other day I had a group who wanted to really get involved and we probably hooked 30 yellow and Blackfin tuna. We only got 6 on to the boat. On the way in the customer commented that "We had a great time but I wish we would have caught more fish". We did, they just lost 24 of them through mostly the learning experience. How soon they forget sometimes.


How many lines in the water?  Depends. When trolling we usually have 5-6 lines in the water. If drifting or bottom fishing we usually have two long lines drifting and three close to the boat.  The only limit is tangle avoidance.