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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From January 2005 - June 2005

05-06 Avid Fisherman having success after a few training trips, Great job Nick and Sam!

05-06 The whole catch!

05-06 Big Mahi!

Click here for Mahi Video!

05-06 Chance's Wahoo after the fight!

05-06 Thanks for giving Chance a Shot!

05-06 Double Mahi!

05-06 This Mahi got beat by a Billfish!

05-06 Kings!

05-06 The rest of the Sailfish catch!

Click here for Sailfish Video!

05-06 Huge SAILFISH!

05-06 The whole Meals Clan!

05-06 The Meals girls!

05-06 Pat driving!

05-06 Trout Fun!

05-06 Steve and Pat!

05-06 Kings in an hour!

05-06 Kings in an hour!

05-06 Mom's king!

05-06 friend's king!

05-06 Son's king!

05-06 Mahi!

05-06 Wahoo!

Click here for video!

05-06 Day two Catch, Thanks Capt. Wes!

05-06 Day one Catch!

05-06-05 27" and 10 spots!

05-06 Family in the back ground!

05-06 Nice Red!

05-06 Night time Wahoo, just before we ate him!

05-05 Wahoooo!

05-05 More bulletin board smack so here is the fish, notice the Great Color, this fish lived!

05-05 more bulletin board smack so here is the fish, notice the Fin...straight up!

05-05 Wahoo in the weeds!

05-05 Dan Blalock's Big Blue!

05-05 Tequila and Trout!

05-05 Steve's Trout!

05-05 I thought it was like a finger nail, they wouldn't feel it!

05-05 Texas Jack Fish Charters!

05-05 More Jacks, two days in a row!

05-05 That's the Facts Jack!

05-05 Oh No, Jack!

05-05 West Texas Carp in the Afternoon!

05-05 Nice Trout slow day though!

05-05 The rest of the team!

05-05 Don't take a TLD to a shark fight!

05-05 Nice Red for Mike!

05-05 Redfish 26" & 30 spots, to be mounted!

05-05 Redfish 26" & 30 spots, to be mounted!

05-05 Redfish 26" & 30 spots, to be mounted!

05-05 the end of the day with a lot of releases!

05-05 Nice Trout Released!

Click here to watch the release video!

05-04 Friends Terry Willis and David Duff getting ready for their last flight!

2005-04 Babes on the Bay 6th place over all and over 543 women entered!

2005-05 big trout for a 3 year old!

2005-05 Chance the Trout God!

2005-05 Kellum's Redfish!

2005-05 Team Work!

2005-04 Scouting for the Babe's Tournament!

2005-04 Offshore turned into a bay trip because of windy weather!

2005-04 Not a Marlin, but fun!

2005-04 Family Affair!

2005-04 More Reds!

2005-04 Big fish for the Drag Racer!

2005-04 Nice Trout for Mom!

2005-04 Big Red fish of the day!

2005-04 Big fish for the Big Daddy!

2005-04 big fish little girl!

2005-04 Working hard for fish!

2005-04 Nice Red Brandon!

Click here to watch the movie!

2005-04 Maine Resident catches nice Red!

2005-04 Amber's first fish!

2005-04 Destiny and Amber!

2005-04 Fish Kiss'n!

2005-04 Captain Wes and a Yellowfin!

2005-04 Captain Wahoo Wes!

2005-04 Oceanic America!

2005-04 Strange deep water fish!

2005-04 floater catch!

2005-04 Wahooo!

2005-04 fishntexas Mahi!

2005-04 Hoo blues!

2005-03 6 hours on a slow day!

2005-03 Trout Kiss'n!

2005-03 Traux Brothers!

2005-03 Bachelor Trout!

2005-03 Bachelor Party Redfish!

2005-03 Bachelor Party Flounder!

2005-03 Bachelor Party Trout!

2005-03 three Sheep and the Chummer in the background!

2005-03 Nice Hoo!

2005-03 Oil Rig through the fog!

2005-03 Mathew and Redfish!

2005-03 Mathew and Redfish!

2005-03 Spring break Hoo!

2005-03 Spring Break Mahi!

2005-03 Destiny with a 26" Redfish!

2005-03 Destiny her Texas Slam!


Click on Picture for our Release Video!

No Wes isn't pregnant...it's just the wind!

2005-02 Capt. Wes Sunday Afternoon Fish!  And Yes Winter Texans we released it!

We are having BIG trouble in our fishery right now with Winter Texans raping our bays Daily!  They are keeping small fish, getting double limits when fishing is easy, selling fish to other non-fishing Winter Texans, keeping freezers full of fish illegally (they are only allowed possession limit which is 20 Trout and 9 Reds).  If you know of this activity report it to the authorities!

2005-02 Wes, Brad and Myself decided to check out the Sunday afternoon fishing 2 hours later 10 keeper reds and 6 Keeper trout...all released!

2005-02 David West host of Americana Outdoors with a fishntexas size AJ while filming the TV Show with us!

Click here to watch the actual TV show!

2005-02 David West host of Americana Outdoors with a fishntexas size AJ while filming the TV Show with us!

2005-02 Nice AJ, how did you do it Nick?

2005-01 Quail Hunting Ask about booking!

2005-01 Chance's Deer and Quail Hunt!

2005-01 Winter Trout!

2005-01 Nick showing off!

2005-01 Cold day, Nice Trout!

2005-01 Cast and Blast cut short by bad weather!

2005-01 First duck hunt 1 hour fun trip!