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Fishing & Hunting Pictures From July 2006-December 2006

2006-12 Early morning shot in the head on the way to Tule Canyon in Mexico!

2006-12 Chance's 1st big buck after about 8 does and many tuff hunts since he was 6!

2006-12 Hunter's camp in Mexico!

2006-12 Practice shots, cleaning up the corn vacuum cleaners!

2006-12 Sterling (Trout Master) strikes again!

2006-12 Buddies having Fun, good Fishermen!

(Click Here for Video)

2006-12 Night Time Trout by the Trout Master!

2006-12 A little squealer Fun!

2006-12 Company meeting, Thanks DR. Pepper!

2006-11 200+ Fish, with a Fly Rod Finale!

2006-11 Double Header!

2006-11 After the Tuna Tango, Light tackle!

2006-11 Sushi and Grilled Tuna on the way back!

2006-11 Chance did it again...our every 2 week Power Hour...who can catch the biggest fish and most keepers in one hour...the 23"Trout came on his last cast!

2006-10 Sushi and Grilled Tuna on the way back!

2006-10 Mahi Mahi!

2006-10 Fish Box!

(Click Here for Video)

2006-10 Another Tuna Shot!

2006-10 Mahi 20# spinning gear and topwater!

2006-10 Chance McCune, winning a bet with his Dad!  We had a hour to play around, he caught the first keeper and he caught the largest trout!

2006-10 Chance Loves to Drive!

2006-10 Chance even got a Wigeon to mount!

2006-10 Afternoon Limits!

2006-10 Duck Hunting in Full Swing!

2006-10 Nice day during a cold front!

2006-10 Nice Cold Front Trout!

2006-10 Noble Max Smith trip Colt 45!

2006-10 Noble Max Smith trip YFT Colt 45!

2006-10 Noble Max Smith trip Colt 45!

A few pics coming soon...We've been slaying Tuna...Marlin...Mahi at the floaters...some derelict stole my camera at fisherman's Wharf...a new one on it's way!

2006-10 No More Room!

2006-10 Noble Max Smith trip Marlin Colt 45!

2006-10 Saltwater Sweeties Tournament!

2006-10 Canceled offshore / Great Bay Fishing!

2006-10 TransOcean trip!

2006-10 TransOcean trip!

2006-10 Another nice day short trip!

2006-10 Another nice day short trip!

2006-09 More Tuna Action!

2006-09 Nice day short trip!

2006-09 Fly Rod Tuna Action!

2006-09 Nice Catch!

2006-09 Good Red Bruce!

2006-09 Candy's Red!

2006-09 First Fishing Trip, First Fish!

2006-09 A Real Seahawk 50NM offshore!

2006-09 Another Nice Mahi!

2006-09 Nice Mahi!

2006-08 Nice Hoo!

2006-08 Blue Marlin Released!

2006-08 The Henry Team!

2006-08 Good Job!

Click here for a video!

2006-08 The Triumph!

2006-08 Action Shot #1 - Hooked Up!

2006-08 Action Shot #2!

2006-08 Action Shot #3!

2006-08 The Allison Family Strikes Again!

2006-08 Nice fish in same little hole!

2006-08 Nice fish in one little hole!

2006-07 Another Nice King from the Bay Boat!

2006-07 First Sail for the Explorer!

(Click here for Video!)

2006-07 First Sail for Billy, just helping reel in the lines!

2006-07 Nice King Shannon!

2006-07 Kings and Trout for Jason and Shannon!

2006-07 Boat Bird!

2006-07 Fist Billfish for Victor, First Billfish for the new boat!

2006-07 Big Red!

2006-07 Fish Finally!

2006-07 Same Boat new look...on the fishntexas charter fleet!

2006-07 Same Boat new look!

2005-12 6 months ago!

2005-12 6 months ago!

2006-07 Got'em!

(Click here for Video)

2006-07 First try

(Click here for Video)

2006-07 Raining in the Bay, but not Offshore!

2006-07 Shark on light tackle, 40 minute battle!